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Welcome To Our Costa Rica Life

We’re gay husbands Edward and Michael, two average gay men on one crazy adventure.  In 2014 we both lost our long term partners.  Ed was with his partner Ray for 10 years and Michael was with his partner Louie for 18 years.  Ray died unexpectedly and Louie died after an 11 year illness.

Neither was looking for another relationship but Love decided otherwise.

They met on October 31, 2014 and soon there after they fell in love.  They started talking about starting a new life possibly in another country, but Michael didn’t even have a passport at the time.  For four (4) months they researched other countries and started to focus on Costa Rica.  In February 2015 Michael had his passport and they planned their first trip to Costa Rica for April.

March was a challenging month, Michael was going to start Yoga Teacher Training and at the same time found out he had stage 2 rectal cancer.  The Doctor’s all said NO WAY!  You’re NOT going on vacation anywhere and you definitely aren’t going to be moving to another country.  As for Yoga, well you might as well put that on hold.

Delay the dream or not?

Michael doesn’t listen well when someone says you can’t do this or you’re not going to do that.  So he did some research and asked a LOT of questions.  The cancer was from a small growth and they removed all of the cancer in the biopsy. What made it a stage 2 was that 1 cell started to penetrate the next layer.  Three Doctors agreed that there was a clear margin of safety when the biopsy was removed.

Michael asked if he could be monitored instead of going through Chemo and Radiation.  Michael’s research uncovered that there was a high probability that the radiation treatment would cause bladder cancer that could be even harder to treat.  The Doctors told Michael there was a possibility that he would become incontinent and need an ostomy bag of some sort and that he “could” have erectile dysfunction.  Not something Michael wanted to hear especially being in a new relationship.  Ed was very supportive of Michael’s decisions and kept telling him he wasn’t going anywhere. Michael asked the Doctors to just monitor him instead of doing the treatment.  They all said NO, we only monitor AFTER treatment, not instead of.

Never Give Up!

Michael started Yoga Teacher Training in March and in April they went to Costa Rica for the first time.  As they were landing they realized they were home.

They flew back in May and in also June and by July they were closing on a piece of property for their new home.  Everything worked out perfect, on a weekend that Michael didn’t have YTT they would plan to go to Costa Rica and on August 23’rd he graduated.

Also on that day, Michael and Ed became HUSBANDS for life!!!

No time for a honeymoon though, Michael’s car needed to be shipped as well as a container of belongings they decided to ship to their new home.

Everything was on it’s way and on September 3’rd 2015 Michael was on a plane with his dog Lucky to begin a new life.  Ed had things to deal with in regards to the closing of his home.  So he showed up a week later with 3 amazing friends who helped him bring his 3 cats with him.  Ed was busy on the plane with his dog Jack.  Yes we brought our 2 dogs and 3 cats with us on this crazy adventure.

A New Home!

They called their property Ser La Luz which is Spanish for Be The Light.  Be The Light was the name of Michaels church he and Louie founded in Florida.

Their plan was to open a retreat center and a yoga studio.  Michael focused on the website part of things and Ed focused on the remodeling and gardening.  Michael tried to combine everything together but it was confusing for many reasons.  So the retreat center received it’s own website and the studio received it’s own website  Now Michaels challenge was how to combine everything in a way that made sense.  Four (4) years of renovations and website work lead to

Social Media

This website, Instagram, YouTube Channel and other social media outlets is a way to combine Costa Rica Retreat, the Yoga Studio plus their everyday life.  Taking pictures and video’s of their experiences didn’t quite fit in for the retreat part and it didn’t quite fit in for the yoga studio.  Yet through this website they can share their day to day adventure as well as build both the retreat part and yoga studio.

They just recently celebrated their 4’th wedding anniversary and couldn’t be happier.  Same Sex marriage becomes legal in Costa Rica in 2020 and for their 5’th anniversary they plan to not only renew their vows but also to legally get married here.

Social Media Influence

Through social networking they made a great friend named Geovanny who is an organizer for the Diversity March in Costa Rica.  In 2018 Michael decided to volunteer and since his Spanish isn’t that great Geovanny put him in the front of the march to help hold the banner that started the march.  Yes that’s Michael the 2nd from the left in this picture helping to lead about 250,000 people.

Since he was a volunteer he was able to be on the stage and meet people.  Earlier in 2018 Costa Rica held an election and elected a Gay Friendly President.  One of the guest speakers at the Diversity March was none other than the First Lady Of Costa Rica.  Michael asked her in his bad Spanish for a selfie and she said Si (yes).

Talk about class.  Michael later found out that she speaks fluent English!!!

What’s Next?

This is just part of their amazing adventure and they want to share it all with you. This year (2019) has been just as much of an adventure.  On this page were just a few of the highlights they experienced so far.  Yes Michael helped out this year for the Diversity March and 500,000 people showed up in support!!

BTW — Michael decided to not do the recommended treatment and is FINE!!!  He gets monitored here in Costa Rica just to be safe. 

Their motto is “We treat you like family because to us you already are”.

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